What Is Deviant Art?

Similarly, Is DeviantArt safe?

Never put your trust in anybody. Even those who on that website pretend to be on your side or care about you are probably simply attempting to trick you and take advantage of your loyalty so they may provide information to the EXACT SAME crooks behind your back. On DeviantArt, NO ONE can be trusted! Without a doubt, kids should not use DeviantArt.

Also, it is asked, Is DeviantArt legal?

The people who have uploaded works to DeviantArt are either the copyright owners of those works’ component components, are uploading those works under permission from those owners or their agents, or are doing so in another way that is legal.

Secondly, Why is it called DeviantArt?

Because the termdeviant” has several connotations and may be construed in various ways, not all of which are favorable, most marketing gurus would never call a websiteDeviantArt.” However, we are the biggest and most diversified art community there is.

Also, Does anyone use DeviantArt?

Although it may be argued that DeviantArt is still a successful platform and remains in the top 200 websites in the world, many artists believe the website has changed in 2019.

People also ask, Why is DeviantArt inappropriate?

DeviantART does include explicit material even though it does not permit pornography. Nudity, extreme violence, foul language, and other adult topics are examples of mature material. DeviantART’s users are responsible for designating their works as adult.

Related Questions and Answers

Can a 13 year old have DeviantArt?

The only thing that DeviantArt is currently doing to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (which went into effect on April 21st, 2000) is forbidding kids under the age of 13 from creating, maintaining, or using any other kind of account on the website. Even with parental consent, this limitation still applies.

Will DeviantArt be shut down?

DeviantArt Won’t Be Going Out of Business Anytime Soon.

Can I use DeviantArt images?

You must get permission from the artist before using their creation, who is allowed to impose whatever restrictions they see fit. Before utilizing any of another artist’s creations, you should always get their permission.

Can I sell my art on DeviantArt?

You may sell prints on DeviantArt and offer them as downloads. Due of its vibrant community and downloadable artwork, DeviantArt stands out among the best sites to buy and sell art. Additionally, it provides a wealth of tools for creatives, who openly critique one another’s work.

Can you earn money from DeviantArt?

DeviantART is the best site for you if you have any artistic talent or are an artist and want to work from home. You may register for no cost, begin submitting your artwork, and start selling right away. Once you’ve uploaded your prints to DeviantArt, selling them is simple.

When did DeviantArt start?

DeviantArt’s mascot was chosen in a competition on May 3, 2001. DeviantArt turns one on August 7.

What happened to DeviantArt?

Wix bought DeviantArt in 2017.

Can DeviantArt give you viruses?

I’ve been a user of DeviantART for more than 8 years, and I’ve never had any problems. I’ve never had my PC download any malware or viruses. The website is not at all secure! This website has been used for a few months and is now trouble-free.

What can I use instead of DeviantArt?

Best Sites Comparable to DeviantArt Behance. You may share your designs on the website Behance and get ideas for new projects there. Dribbble. Among graphic designers, Dribbble is particularly well-liked. CGSociety. ArtStation.\sTumblr.\sPinterest. Drawcrowd. Pixiv

How do you become successful on deviantART?

Five simple suggestions for attracting attention to your artwork on DeviantART Regularly submit artwork. Be mindful about striking a balance between quantity and quality. Improve. Display professionalism at all times. Access the Forum. The most crucial of all is probably to look at art and provide comments on it.

How do I get started on deviantART?

To enter, just follow these simple steps: Watch: Check out the highlighted videos and the most recent prompts. Make: Whatever format you like, make art in response to the prompt. Submit: To get the badge, upload your artwork to DeviantArt using the hashtag #DAGettingStARTed.

Who has the most watchers on deviantART?

With more than 300,000 viewers, twelve Daily Deviations, and at least one in every single year since 2007, Yuumei is acknowledged as deviantART’s most popular and well-known Deviant. She specializes in digital art but also often employs clay in her work.

Can art be considered pornography?

It created contemporary museums as venues for such discussion, thus putting art in a universe of its own. Whatever the perversion, everything that is on display at a museum is by definition deserving of further study. Consequently, it can’t be porn.

Why is DeviantArt not working?

Make sure you have a safe Internet connection before contacting support if you are having problems using the official mobile app. Instead of connecting over a shaky, slow WiFi network if you are utilizing a mobile data network, consider doing so. If it doesn’t work, try logging out of your account and then back in again.

Who founded DeviantArt?

Sotira Angelo Matt StephensScott Jarkoff

Can you see who views your DeviantArt page?

With Recent Visitors, you can see who is viewing your profile. You can now see who has viewed your profile in the Recent Visitors area on the Stats & Insights page. (This data was once offered in a profile widget, but it now resides on the Stats page along with other relevant information.)

Does DeviantArt cost money?

You just need an Internet connection and a desire to express yourself artistically to utilize DeviantArt. The usage of membership has always been free and always will be for everyone everywhere.

Can you use DeviantArt for Youtube?

Whether or not the rightful owner has been acknowledged, it is still regarded as copyrighted and requires permission. Even if you are not selling it or profiting from it, you still need permission to use it since it is protected by copyright.

Can I print art from deviantART?

With the aid of DeviantArt Prints, artists from all around the globe can share their work in stunning print styles. Our print program provides a broad range of sizes and products, giving customers a wide range of options. Postcards are available in sizes ranging from 8″ x 10″ to 30″ x 40″ and 30″ x 45″ for fine art prints.

Where do artist sell their work?

Building your own branded ecommerce website using a platform like Shopify is the greatest method to sell art online. Additionally, you may sell your creations on social networking sites like Instagram and Facebook Shops as well as on marketplaces for arts and crafts like Etsy.

How can I sell my artwork online for free?

With hundreds of artists represented, ArtPal is a well-known, cost-free gallery where you may purchase and sell artwork. Nothing to pay to join. zero commission Unlimited room and totally free to sell all of your artwork!

How much do artists make on DeviantArt?

A famous artist’s monthly salary might range from $1,000 to more than $60,000. There are numerous copycats, but only the most dedicated achieve the highest sales. Why is this taking place? Let’s find out more.


DeviantArt is a website that allows artists to upload and share their work, as well as other people’s work. It also has a forum where people can talk about art, ask questions or just chat. DeviantArt was founded in 2000, and it has since become one of the most popular art communities on the internet.

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