Did It Rain The Day Nanakos Art Homework?

Monday, August 29, 2016 By complete your summer schoolwork first thing in the morning. Tou will assist Nanako with hers after that. She will inquire as to whether it rained on the day you completed her art homework. Anster By then, it had ceased pouring.

Similarly, Did it rain on the day we did my art homework?

When we worked on my art homework, did it rain? By then, it had ceased pouring. Oh, you’re correct!

Also, it is asked, Do you have to help Nanako with homework?

Benefits of Persona Fusing: You may choose to finish your schoolwork with Nanako the next several evenings when you arrive home. Not only will doing so strengthen your relationship with Nanako, but other party members will also stop by from time to time. Keep in mind that your Social Link ran will not rise overall.

Secondly, Is it male or female platypus that has poison claws?


Also, How many parts are in Murakami’s Wind Up Bird?

three sections

People also ask, What is Hcho persona4?


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What is venison Persona 4?

You knowing surprises me! The term “venison” refers to all game meat. This includes certain varieties of rabbit as well as wild boar, deer, moose, and reindeer.

Where does French food stem from?

Finals Day on November 28 First question: Where does French cuisine come from? Food from Italy, of course.

The protagonist needs rank 5 Knowledge (Sage) and rank 5 Courage to start Naoto’s Social Link (Heroic). The protagonist will get a White Card if they speak to the guy in black on the north side of the Central Shopping District.

Why did Kumiko leave Toru?

As a result of her belief that her marriage has been tainted by her loathed brother Noburu Wataya, Kumiko Okada deserts her husband Toru and disappears. Creta Kano helps Toru search for her, and while he does so, he is forced to face the doubts and obstacles that clog up his own spirit.

How many p4g books are there?

How to Complete Persona 4 Golden’s Books There are 32 books in all, and finishing them all will provide you with the Compulsive Reader trophy and the Reader King item, which grants you +10 magic.

What kind of exercise builds lactic acid?

High-intensity exercises like sprinting, weightlifting, and agility training cause the body to create lactic acid. Lactic acid, which is essentially a waste product discharged into the circulation, is an indication that your muscles are moving to a speedier method of generating energy.

At the earliest, on June 9, the main character may begin Kanji’s Social Link after learning that he is allegedly intimidating pupils. On Yasogami High’s practice building’s first level throughout the day, he may be found.

What is a Kigo for fall?

Which of the following is the Kigo for Fall?, the lecturer asked. Response: Quick.

What color is European snow in spring?

Snow in Europe in the springtime becomes red because it interacts with Saharan sand, which is also red. From the Saharas of Africa to Europe, sand is carried by the wind. About a million metric tons, to be exact!

What are you supposed to put on top of a Kagami Mochi?


What is considered a rice cake?

Any rice-based dish that has been molded, compressed, or otherwise integrated into a single entity is considered to be a rice cake. Many diverse civilizations that consume rice have a vast range of rice cakes, which are especially common in Asia.

How do you say panda in Russian?

Russian for “panda” is volume up. u0430u043du0434u0430u043au043eu0430u0438 u043ceu0434u0432u0435u0434

What is it called when you gain more muscle after getting sore through exercise?

What do you call it when you grow more muscle after working out and being sore? Overcompensation, to start.

What happened to Kumiko Wind-Up Bird?

Cinnamon loses his ability to speak after listening to the bird at night, and Toru loses Kumiko after doing the same. Additionally, the mark on Toru’s face is highlighted by their narrative, establishing an unbreakable connection between him and Nutmeg’s father, who also had a mark on his face.

Who is Malta Kano?

After visiting the island of Malta, Miss Kano chose the moniker “Malta” for her professional identity. She is a 31-year-old stunning lady who, apart from her distinctive red vinyl hat, is usually extremely well dressed. Malta thinks that the components of water have a significant influence on human life.

What does nutmeg do in Wind-Up Bird Chronicle?

In exchange, Nutmeg aids him in purchasing the property where the well is located. They are his companions for the whole of the novel, and they are equally fascinating. Cinnamon, for instance, has heard the wind-up bird but is unable to share his discovery with anybody.

Can you read during the day p4g?

Unless you’ve previously readHyperspeed Reading,” you can only read one chapter at a time. You may read two chapters at once in the book. Reading will help you pass the afternoon or nighttime hours till the following day. The Reader King Accessory may be obtained by finishing all the novels.

Where is Marie p4?

Velvet Room

Where does Chie hang out at night?

Evening. Chie may be found in the Central Shopping District, North, although, as stated before, you can only “spend time” with Social Links at night and you cannot advance in ranks. There will also be plenty of time to spend with Chie as she is a prominent party participant.

The greater aerobic labor rates cause an increase in blood lactate. The pace at which endurance races are won, or “lactate threshold” (LT: around 2 mmol/l), is very close to that of races that seem to provide the best aerobic training.

What is lactic acidosis NHS?

When lactate levels in the blood are elevated, it is referred to as lactic acidosis. A by-product of the body’s digestion of sugar is lactate. Causes One of the many disorders that are thought to be brought on by mitochondrial damage is lactic acidosis.

How do you get to Kanji in Persona 4?

Talk to the “young guy” beside the elevator in Junes. Persona 4 – Finding Information about Kanji. But only on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays does he appear there! then speak with Kanji’s mother outside the fabric shop (North Shopping area, near to the Shrine). Return to June’s and speak with the “young guy” there once again.

How do I get information on Teddie?

Looking for Suggestions Teddie would need certain hints regarding Kanji in order to find him inside the TV World, as the game informed you. Talk to Kanji’s mother first, who is waiting outside the textile store in the Central Shopping District, North. She advises you to speak with the kid who had been around.

Who is the best Persona 4 Waifu?

Who is Persona 4’s top waifu? Hard decision, I know. Eri Minami (you foster her connection with her stepson in order to get access to her direct messages) Mr. Hisano Kuroda ( old lady that dresses in all black) Margaret ( a goddess among men and lives with creepy Igor) Marie ( if you played P4 golden you know who she is).


The “venison” is the meat of what animal persona 4″ is a question that was asked in a class. The teacher answered with “persona 4”.

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